Caleb Kim

Software Engineer


Hey, I'm Caleb

I am a Software Engineer

Sc.B in Computer Science, Brown University '19

Summer '18: Software Engineer Intern at Fitbit
Summer '17: Software Engineer Intern at Rally Health
Summer '16: Software Tester Intern at ACS

I was a TA for Systems: CS33 and Modern Web Applications: CS132

I freakin love icecream. I freakin hate birds.

Wow! You're still here! I love you.

My Projects


A CLI tool to search and render the metadata of Marathon deployed Mesos Applications.


A Square integrated web-app for cafe owners to predict sales by the item based on weather, hour, and day

Finnest App

A prototype web application for Finnest. This app supported parental & child registration and mock wire transfers amongst family members.

I've also implemented a version of OceanStore, Google Maps for Rhode Island, a Concurrent DB, Malloc, and PacMan

My CS skills:

Front End + Back End = Full Stack

Languages: Go, python, Java, JavaScript, and that C

NoSql || Sql db is fine by me

OOP is cool, but so is functional.

Distributed Systems–cool stuff

Just Web-Dev and REST man